Conventional Assembly

Our through hole facilities are driven by Blakell LS 5000 light guided assembly workstation, offering maintained repeatability and accuracy.

All our operators are fully trained to program the machines via on-line programming.

We pay particular attention to minimising static damage. We use the Blundell Cropmatic for trimming component legs. We design custom plates for delicate assemblies or highly populated PCBs.

Conventional Assembly at Bela

Flow soldering is accomplished to IPC-A-610 Class 3 standard by fully trained operators using our lead free Blundell CMS 400 flow solder machine. Our CMS 400 is regularly serviced and calibrated by our maintenance technicians, trained and certified by Blundell.

Our dedicated hand assembly team enables us to offer a hand soldering process for both leaded and lead free solutions from single components to full board assembly.

All assembly benches are fitted with personal fume extraction systems and constant monitoring devices for static awareness.