What Is Reactplus?

Reactplus is a fast track service from Bela offering 2 to 5 day turnarounds as standard.

Each Reactplus order is assigned to an individual operator who takes full responsibility for the job and seeing it through all stages of manufacture.Michael Knight, Sales Development Manager commented:

Unlike other EMS companies, our model and resources allows us to treat prototypes and fast turn around requirements with the priority they deserve and not just as slot-ins which historically affects the delivery of both these jobs and the standard scheduled work.

We do not view any job as a one off opportunity. By adhering to our established systems and NPI (New Product Introduction) process by the time we have completed the Reactplus build we have generated documentation sufficient to offer a repeatable solution to any given job.Managing Director Mike Lafratta commented:

Reactplus offers our customers two solutions; in the short term we guarantee fast turnaround deliveries and longer term we use the knowledge gained to offer a repeatable and sustainable supply solution.

Reactplus Services

The Reactplus team is a dedicated resource that responds to the prototype and fast turn round requirements of our customers. With a dedicated team working independently within the factory this is a service that offers no compromise.

Component kits are sourced within the lead-time of the blank PCB using UK and US stock suppliers (subject to availability).

24 Hour Deliveries

from Free-Issue Kits

Where a component kit is available immediately a truly fast delivery of 24 hours is achievable.

If your kit contains the blank PCB and all key components let us supply the consumable resistors and capacitors from our extensive stock.

Fast Track Volume Production

& Disaster Recovery

With the arrival of our Europlacer iineo1 we can handle high volume manufacturing runs in surprising small time scales. If you have been let down by your existing contractor or have an unforeseen spike in demand the Reactplus team has “out of hours” and “excess capacity” access to the iineo and at 14,000 placements per hour our delivery will be with you in no time.

5 Day Prototypes

& Urgent Requirements

Blank PCB and component sourcing is offered as an integral part of the service. Blank PCB, component procurement and tooling can all be managed by our buyers. Blank PCB’s are sourced on a 2 or 3 day service from a local source within 45 minutes of the Kempston, Bedfordshire, based facility.


Through our global network of supply partners, we can offer you a local solution to your material requirements regardless of market conditions – guaranteed!


Blank PCB and component kit procurement is an integral part of the Reactplus service. We have identified supply partners capable of responding to the pressures of short lead-times and a trading history that justifies their selection.

Our Caliach MRP/ERP system enables us to identify all Reactplus parcels upon receipt and immediately pass the goods to the specific works order/operator.

Blank PCB’s

Blank PCB’s (any construction, size, colour and all fully bare board tested) in small and medium volumes are sourced on a 2, 3 or 5 day service from our approved partner who are located in the UK within 45 minutes of our factory.

Higher volume requirements can also be satisfied locally or, alternatively, are available from our “Fast-Trax” off-shore supplier in 8 to 10 working days.

Electronic Components

Our buyers can source a complete component kit using UK and US stock suppliers (subject to availability) within the lead-time of the blank PCB. Any exceptions to this will be advised and a solution agreed upon at the outset of any order.

SMT stencils are frequently a manufacturing requirement. Our stencil partner can deliver next day (timed deliveries available) on all orders confirmed by mid-day.

Quality Control

Our Q-Pulse managed quality system drives our traceable manufacturing process and ensures repeatability.

We work as standard to IPC-A-610-F (Lead-Free) with leaded processing treated as a controlled exception.

100% Physical / AOI Inspection

There is no compromise position; all product is 100% inspected. It is the standard:

  • Components inspected and checked off against work instructions prior to start.
  • First off “Golden Board” sign-off at every production operation.
  • “Scanspection” AOI on SMT boards prior to re-flow.
  • AOI final inspection prior to shipment.
  • Final visual inspection in packing.


To discuss your requirements further contact Michael Knight on 01234 840242 or e-mail reactplus@bela.co.uk.

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