Industry Sectors

These are some of the industry sectors that we are involved with:


Monitoring equipment, process equipment, audio and visual, control systems and USB and RS232 interfacing.


Design and engineering of the smart battery management systems for the Defence Communications Sector.


Flow measurements, resistivity measurements and data management.


Projects involving work with SM Bus Protocol, telemetry and wireless control.


Design of high power illumination displays and signs, and also approved safety locking systems.


Assembly of systems used in Data Logging and Strain Gauge Measurements.


Industry Sectors at Bela

A wide mix of products for both the Civil and Defence Sector. Products include high speed brushless DC motor controllers and custom interfaces.


Projects involving work with laboratory equipment, data collection and life style research.

React Plus 5 Day Service

React+ 5 Day Service

In the short term we guarantee fast turnaround deliveries and longer term we offer a repeatable and sustainable supply solution.

35+ Years in Business

36 Years In Business

With 36 years in the business, Bela is regarded as the one of the market leaders in the small to medium volume high complexity manufacturing niche.

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