Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Supported by the wider group management team at Vanilla Group, Bela also continue to operate independently with dynamic professionalism and dedication.

Michael Knight, Managing Director

Michael Knight

Managing Director

With 24 years of experience in sales, operations and supply chain management there is no one better qualified to discuss and understand your specific manufacturing needs.

From the first introduction to the seamless integration of your business through engineering into manufacturing and the on-going partnership development; Michael will offer the individual service your business expects.


Simon Williams, Business Development Manager

Simon Williams

Business Development Manager

With a background in electronic engineering and PCB manufacture, Simon’s forty years plus in the electronics industry gives him an enormous amount of experience brought to bear in the service of Bela customers old and new.

Twenty years spent actually manufacturing blank PCBs, including cutting edge designs, brings an additional level of expertise to Bela to set us apart from the majority of our competitors.


Keith Dent, Production Manager

Keith Dent

Production Manager

Keith is a qualified engineer with 42 years of experience in electronic assembly and test. Keith, together with his team, provides the latest technical expertise and innovation in manufacturing solutions.

Keith is on hand to discuss your DFM, NPI and Test requirements and will ensure that your product is manufactured to IPC standards with high levels of repeatability to the timescales you expect.

We’ve been doing this for almost forty years, and we’re still growing. Becoming part of the Vanilla Group has the potential to facilitate accelerated growth and allow us to cement our position among the industry elite.

With almost forty years in the business, Bela is regarded as a market leader in the small to medium volume high complexity manufacturing niche.

Our Vapour Phase oven is deployed for highly complex or thermally hungry assemblies. Jobs are soldered in an inert atmosphere resulting in superior quality joints, the added benefit of this technique is that it makes it impossible to thermally stress the assembly.

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