Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering

Bela has the capability, experience and knowledge to develop innovative new products to meet all our customers requirements, to include the latest technology, minimise production costs and meet their budget expectations.

Bela operates in most of the industry markets including, scientific, industrial, aerospace, battery charging technologies and commercial.

Electronic Engineering at Bela

We provide a wide range of electronic design facilities ranging from initial research and viability studies to prototypes and onto final products.

The design of “smart” commercial and military battery chargers has been one of our target areas for many years and this has allowed us to develop a wide expertise in the design and engineering of Lithium-ion battery charging technologies.

Our engineers also have expertise in many other different fields which include brush less DC motor drives, LCD displays, Analogue and digital drive systems and many bespoke covert products.

We’ve been doing this for almost forty years, and we’re still growing. Becoming part of the Vanilla Group has the potential to facilitate accelerated growth and allow us to cement our position among the industry elite.

With almost forty years in the business, Bela is regarded as a market leader in the small to medium volume high complexity manufacturing niche.

Our Vapour Phase oven is deployed for highly complex or thermally hungry assemblies. Jobs are soldered in an inert atmosphere resulting in superior quality joints, the added benefit of this technique is that it makes it impossible to thermally stress the assembly.

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