PCB Design

PCB Design

Where your project requires our design expertise, our engineers will discuss your requirements in detail, evaluating technical specifications to allow them to proceed accurately with your project.

Our team have extensive knowledge of the Altium PCB Design software, which help them to design your PCB layouts.

PCB Design at Bela

Bela has many years of PCB design experience, involving low pin count PCBs, as well as high layer count designs. Our PCB design expertise includes:

  • Audio and video.
  • Electro mechanical boards (mother/daughter).
  • Ultra Low Power.
  • Radio Frequency.
  • High Voltage/High Power.
  • Medical Devices.
  • High Speed Digital.
  • Embedded Processors and DSP’s.
  • Motor Control.
  • Certification Advice (CE, FCC, IC etc).

All of our PCB designs are done using Altium Designer, which is a single unified application that incorporates all the technologies and capabilities necessary for complete electronic product development (EPD).

What We Need From You

To enable us to give you a quote, we will need the following information from you where possible:

  • Requirements for turnaround time.
  • Outline drawing of the board.
  • Electronic net list.
  • A schematic (Altium preferred).
  • BOM, in Excel format.
  • Possible number of layers.
  • Locations of the critical components.
  • Critical routing constraints.
  • Data sheet (for parts with more than 2 pins).

Deliverables We Can Offer

If needed, this is a list of deliverables that we can offer to you as a customer:

  • CAD database.
  • Check plots.
  • Fabrication drawings and files.
  • Assembly drawings and files.
  • Gerber files.

All our assemblies are individually barcoded and traceable down to component level. When we AOI inspect, we store a high-definition image of each passed assembly, meaning we don't have to physically recall a product to review it.

From all of us at Bela, we hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year, here is to a prosperous 2022🎉

We will be closing for the holidays on Christmas Eve and will be opening again on the 4th of January.

At Bela we believe that one of our greatest strengths, is that we understand that we’re in a service industry. Yes we manufacture things, but it’s the service we offer which makes us stand out from our competitors.

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