Surface Mount

Surface Mount

Bela is committed to offering a leading edge automated SMT manufacturing solution with a flexible resource capable of meeting customer demands from prototype and small batch build through to medium and high volume batch capability.

Bela operate 2 Europlacer iineo 1 which offer extended feeder capacity of 240 positions per machine and a placement speed of 13,000 components per hour.

This enables us to offer a competitive solution for all medium to high volume assembly requirements. The iineo’s are also ideal for prototypes, NPI and small batch builds.

Surface Mount at Bela

To complement the SMT line we have a DEK Horizon 03i screen printer which has enhanced our process capability in the manufacture of all the latest SMT technologies by ensuring a precise and repeatable pasting process.

Reflow is achieved using either convection or vapour phase processing techniques. In 2016 Bela invested in a new latest technology Ersa Hotflow 3/14e with its controlled 7 zone heat tunnel with a process length of over 4 metres.

It has an adjustable bed width from 45mm up to 516mm allowing us to process and reflow very large panels. The user interface if flexible in terms of settings and functionality allowing the operator to set the most efficient settings across the reflow process.

Asscon VP800 Vapour Phase oven

Our Asscon VP800 Vapour Phase oven is deployed for high complexity assemblies or where designs are thermally hungry. Components are soldered in an inert atmosphere resulting in superior quality joints, the added benefit of this technique being the properties of the chemistry involved (Galden) makes it impossible to thermally stress the assembly.

Vapour Phase is also very quick to execute with minimal set-up making it ideal for supporting small volume short lead-time requirements.

All our assemblies are individually barcoded and traceable down to component level. When we AOI inspect, we store a high-definition image of each passed assembly, meaning we don't have to physically recall a product to review it.

From all of us at Bela, we hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year, here is to a prosperous 2022🎉

We will be closing for the holidays on Christmas Eve and will be opening again on the 4th of January.

At Bela we believe that one of our greatest strengths, is that we understand that we’re in a service industry. Yes we manufacture things, but it’s the service we offer which makes us stand out from our competitors.

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