Corporate social responsibility

Bela and the TechPoint Group believes that its corporate social responsibility philosphy should permeate, whenever possible, into policies, work ethics and practices throughout each of the TechPoint businesses.

We are determined to be a good employer, a good neighbour, partner and supplier.

As a business we work with all our stakeholders including our employees, our customers, our suppliers and our local communities that surround us, to ensure that the impact we make on our world is for the better.

How we do this

The community we actively participate in projects aimed at supporting and developing our local community, particularly helping young people with reading. 7.1 million adults in England alone struggle to read and face challenges every day. And as part of our CSR policy, along with our sister companies, Vanilla Electronics LimitedGolledge Electronics LtdInterconics Limited and our parent company TechPoint,we believe it’s a moral duty of all businesses to help prepare young people….for their future and give them a better chance in life, by providing them with volunteer-led reading support and high-quality resources.

We’re committed to expanding our reach and now we are supporting 5 schools local to where our TechPoint Group expert ‘centres of excellence’ are based. This means through Bookmark Reading Charity we’ll be supplying 450 quality books, plus over 3600 Story Corner Magazines to our 5 assigned schools in 2023 alone. We also encourage our staff throughout the Group to act as volunteers within the assigned schools.

When you open up a whole new world for someone, you make a difference.



Our customers we pride ourselves on our high levels of customer service and satisfaction. We believe this is paramount to sustaining and developing our customer base.

We feel privileged to have a business that has grown primarily through reputation and we are very grateful to all of our customers for their continued support.

We regularly review our customer experiences through surveys, visits and phone calls and our quality systems are monitored as part of our monthly KPIs.



Our suppliers our relationships with our suppliers are based on values of honesty, openness and integrity, and we choose industry leading suppliers that share our ethos.

Suppliers that not only provide great product and solutions but also emphasise the quality of service.

Bela and the TechPoint Group also seek suppliers that have an ethical corporate social responsibility policy too.


Our staff we want to provide a workplace where our employees feel encouraged, inspired, valued, supported and connected. Most of our staff are based in our office in Bedford, and as we are part of the TechPoint there is regular interaction with other businesses and staff within the Group.

Our open plan offices, which the Senior Management Team share, helps promote communication, collaboration and team spirit. In addition, we offer the option of homeworking to our non-production based staff.

We have a structured in-house staff training programme, and all our staff are encouraged and funded to complete further education and training where necessary.



The environment We believe we have a responsibility to identify, manage and minimise any negative impact as effectively and efficiently as possible. We look at the products we use and the products that we recommend to our customers. We also carefully look at our consumption of materials, encouraging recycling rather than disposal.

In addition, we offer homeworking for our staff, limiting our carbon footprint where possible.