REACT+ | Fast track service

REACT+ | Need it fast…need it now?

React+ is a fast track service from Bela delivering a  2 – 5 day turnaround as standard.

FAST TRACK delivery on free issue kit

Where component kit is available immediately, a truly ‘fast track’ delivery is easily achievable with our REACT+ service. If your kit contains blank PCB and all key components, we can supply the consumable resistors and capacitors from stock.

FAST TRACK prototypes

We help accelerate your development processes through our fast and flexible REACT+ prototype services.

FAST TRACK disaster recovery

If you’ve been let down by your existing contractor or have an unforeseen spike in demand, we have an ‘out of hours’ and ‘excess capacity’ philosophy making us incredibly flexible and resilient. That’s REACT+.

FAST TRACK blank PCB and component kit

Our sister businesses within the TechPoint Group are expert in short lead time and supply chain management projects, and we work closely with customers to ensure the very best fast track service is achieved.


React+…flexible and resilient

Kick off with REACT+

Embarking on your fast track project with our REACT+ service is a straightforward and simple process. We believe in making things as easy as possible for our clients, and we’re here to guide you at each step.

Here’s how you can engage with us for project recovery services:

  • Step 1 | Initial REACT+ consultation Contact us to schedule a consultation. This initial meeting allows us to understand your project’s unique challenges and your project goals.
  • Step 2 |  REACT+ project assessment Our experts will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your project. We’ll look at the key trigger points and see where any areas of concern may arise.
  • Step 3  | Proposal of REACT+ plan Based on our assessment, we will propose a bespoke React+ plan. This plan will outline the strategies for hitting your targets along with a timeline plan.
  • Step 4 | REACT + agreement and implementation Once you’re happy with the plan, we’ll formalise our partnership and commence the React+ fast track process. We will provide continuous support and guidance throughout, ensuring the plan is executed to the highest standard.
  • Step 5 | REACT + regular updates and review Throughout the process, we will keep you updated with regular communications, ensuring you’re always informed of the progress. We will also periodically review the plan to ensure its effectiveness and make necessary adjustments.



Blank PCB and component kit procurement is an integral part of the React+ service. We have supply partners capable of responding to the pressures of short lead-times and a trading history that justifies their selection. Our MRP/ERP system enables us to identify all React+ parcels upon receipt and immediately pass the goods to the specific works order/operator.

Blank PCBs

Blank PCB’s (any construction, size, colour and all fully bare board tested) in small and medium volumes are sourced on a 2, 3 or 5 day service from our approved partners who are located a short distance from our factory.

Higher volume requirements can also be fulfilled by our sister companies within the TechPoint Group.

Electronic components

Our buyers can source a complete component kit using our stock suppliers (subject to availability) within the lead-time of the blank PCB. Any exceptions to this will be advised and a solution agreed upon at the outset of any order.


SMT stencils are frequently a manufacturing requirement. Our stencil partner can deliver next day (timed deliveries available) on all orders confirmed by mid-day.

Quality control

Our factory master shop floor planning programme drives our traceable manufacturing process and ensures repeatability.

We work as standard to IPC-A-610 G (Lead-Free) with leaded processing treated as a controlled exception.

100% Physical | AOI inspection

There is no compromise position; all product is 100% inspected. It is the standard:

  • Components inspected and checked off against work instructions prior to start.
  • First off ‘Golden Board’ sign-off at every production operation.
  • AOI inspection on SMT boards prior to re-flow.
  • AOI final inspection prior to shipment.
  • Final visual inspection in packing.

With our REACT+ service we really do pull out all the stops to get your project completed both on time and to the highest possible standards.


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