Counterfeit Avoidance

Counterfeit avoidance

Bela have a policy of protecting their customers’ brands against counterfeit products and unauthorised distribution by making every product unique, secure, and traceable. Bela ensures that we:

  • Only use authentic parts

  • Procure all components from reliable sources

  • Assure the authenticity and conformance of procured parts

  • Report counterfeit parts to other potential users and Government Investigative authorities.

The supply of counterfeit components is possibly still on the rise, as worldwide demand for orders that cannot be filled straight away increases. Component shortages were initially compounded by the COVID pandemic, causing supply chains severe issues. These unusual market conditions seemed to encourage a notable increase in counterfeiting.

Why counterfeit components cause issues

Counterfeit components are more common than many businesses realise, and this can cause major issues. Typically counterfeit components are lower quality imitations passed off as legitimate, high quality pieces. Not only do businesses end up paying more for counterfeit components than they are actually worth, but there is also potential that they could malfunction and be potentially dangerous, or simply just not work as intended.

We only buy from approved, traceable suppliers

Bela only buy from a list of approved suppliers, and all components are traceable. Each supplier has been carefully selected, evaluated and approved by our quality team who continually assess and monitor them to ensure our high standards are maintained.

We inspect all products carefully

Our experienced highly trained quality inspectors are able to verify that the parts are not counterfeits. We receive, inspect, and verify all parts before sending completed orders to our customers.


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