Electromechanical assembly

As well as offering advanced electronic engineering and PCB design and assembly we also provide an Electromechanical Assembly that can be of great benefit to our clients in the motorsports, aerospace and manufacturing sectors to name but a few.

At Bela Electronics, we take pride in our expertise and capabilities, understanding the importance of reliability, in Electromechanical Assembly. Our skilled technicians and engineers are dedicated to assembling and connecting various components in the precise manner specified to ensure that they function properly.

Types of electromechanical assembly

Electromechanical Assembly is the process of combining electrical and mechanical components to create a functioning device or system. This process is essential in the manufacturing of electronic components and products, as it ensures that these products function correctly and efficiently.

The process involves assembling and connecting various components such as motors, sensors, switches, circuit boards, and other mechanical parts such as gears, belts, and bearings.

The process of electromechanical assembly typically involves several steps, including:

  • Design and planning
  • Component selection and procurement
  • Assembly
  • Testing


The types of Electromechanical Assembly services we offer include:

  • PCB assembly Involved assembling circuit boards and other electronic components onto a printed circuit board
  • Cable assembly Involves the connection of wires and cables to components and devices.
  • Box build assembly Involves the assembly of electronic components and devices into an enclosure or chassis.
  • Final Assembly Involves the final integration of electronic components and devices into a finished product.

Benefits of electromechanical assembly

Electromechanical assembly provides numerous benefits in the manufacturing of electronic products.

By combining mechanical and electrical components, electromechanical assemblies can create complex systems that are more efficient and reliable than those made using only one type of component.

Our electromechanical assembly services are known for their high level of reliability and precision, ensuring that our clients receive assemblies that meet their specifications and needs.

We regularly apply our electromechanical assembly services to a wide range of industries and applications, including automobiles, medical devices, consumer electronics, and industrial equipment. By relying on electromechanical assembly, our clients are able to create products that function as intended and meet the requirements of their respective applications.

Bela’s electromechanical assembly services

We are proud to offer a wide range of electromechanical assembly services to our clients across various industries and sectors. With our skilled technicians and engineers, our team is capable of providing reliable and efficient assembly of electromechanical components.

In addition, our strict quality control processes ensure that all assemblies meet the required standards and customer specifications. We also boast fully embedded functional test facilities and the ability to design and manufacture test jigs and simulation platforms, providing our customers with fully tested and functional PCBs or complete assemblies. As an XJtag enabled partner, we can offer a full boundary scan solution where customer designs and requirements dictate this option.

Our skill and expertise in electromechanical assembly and our commitment to quality make us a trusted partner for electronic design and manufacturing.

The importance of strict quality control in electromechanical assembly

Electromechanical assembly plays a crucial role in the manufacturing process for electronic products, and the importance of ensuring the reliability and safety of these products cannot be overstated. We understand this importance and have implemented strict quality control procedures to ensure that all products leaving our facility are of the highest quality.

Our quality control process involves testing and re-testing electronic products to ensure that they meet customer specifications and the proper regulatory standards. This attention to detail ensures that all products produce and manufactured by Bela are safe and profitable when they go to market, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction which is always our number one aim.


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