Bela’s component and expert kitting service offers your business the opportunity of drastically reducing your procurement costs as well as helping to slim down your supply chain. Bela offers pre-production kitting for prototyping, NPI and PCB assemblies of electronic and electromechanical components builds.

We supply all aspects of your bill of material (BOM) including PCB, IC’s, Connectors and Power Supply’s. All components are handled and stored within our ESD, temperature and humidity-controlled stores department and all parts are custom labelled as to your requirements.

This also helps our customers reduce their carbon footprint by consolidating multiple component orders into a single shipment. This not only helps the environment but also saves money on transportation costs.

Bela can easily prepare all of the elements needed to build your products. We supply electronic components, PCBs, encasements in metal or plastic, wiring looms and programming services.  Our accredited and strict quality processes ensure that all parts are genuine and inspected, making the efficiency and productivity of the build even more effective.

One of the most significant benefits of outsourcing electronic component procurement is the ability in streamlining the supply chain. With Bela as a single supplier for multiple components, CEMs and OEMs can easily reduce their component stock holding, significantly improving their working capital. This can be incredibly beneficial and advantageous for companies that operate in a just-in-time production environment. Companies simply avoid costly production delays by having a reliable supplier that can provide components on short notice.

Another advantage of using our kitting service and expertise is being able to benefit from the economies of scale. Bela has trusted a stable of trusted suppliers and partners who have worked alongside us as partners for many years, giving  Bela ‘preferred customer’ status which enables our customers to benefit from their ‘best pricing ‘policies.


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