Reduced Time To Market

Reduced time to market

Not surprisingly we often get asked “How long is it going to take to get our product to market?”  What we can say is that we’re experts at bringing new products to market in a range of industries, no matter how complex the product is, and our product development team can advise, help and guide you through the different processes and stages.

  • Engineering Team | Our engineering team has experts in all the core engineering disciplines and with a wealth of experience.
  • Development Resources | We have invested significantly into our people and in our kit to speed up its development process. This includes software and hardware design tools, machine shops, 3D printers, and fully equipped lab spaces with test and measurement tools to accelerate prototyping and testing activities. Our quality systems  include systems for document control, quality management, project management, procurement, and general workflow automation. Our  systems also facilitate project management and regulatory submission preparation.


  • Processes | Our comprehensive hardware and software product development processes cover all aspects of development.
  • Support Network | As we are part of the TechPoint group, our sister companies can provide a rounded and comprehensive solutions proposition. We are able to offer an impressive array of technical expertise alongside the most up to date manufacturing facilities.
  • Project Management Disciplines – Our proven project management processes enable us to provide regular, current, and transparent information about project status and costs.

It is our aim, through our experience and expertise to help to reduce our customers design cycles from months to weeks, and to reduce the overall number of cycles necessary to reach trials, manufacturing release, and other major project milestones.

Managing risk

Every development project involves technical, schedule, and program risk. Speeding up product development projects demands even greater attention to technical risk management than normal, and so becomes a primary driver in the conception of a project plan. Mitigating risk requires a combination of experience and technical expertise. These attributes allow us to identify most foreseeable risks and mitigate them to a level that is acceptable. We manage this by:

  • Detailed technical risk assessment
  • Dynamic staff allocation
  • Active project management
  • Definitive feasibility demonstrations during the first phase of the project
  • Designing and building in contingency options where appropriate
  • Design review processes to identify issues before prototyping or testing
  • Rapid and early testing programs

From R and D to manufacture

Successfully ‘reducing time to market’ means in effect that the product is ready for manufacture in a state that is reliable, quality checked (including proper and checked documentation), and that it is readily manufacturable.

Typical documentation will include:

  • A comprehensive bill of materials
  • Engineering analysis (where appropriate)
  • 3D models
  • Industry standard, ISO compliant 2D drawings
  • Electrical schematics and Gerber files
  • Cable harness drawings
  • Assembly drawings, instructions and procedures
  • Assembly jig and fixture drawings
  • Quality and performance test protocols and results
  • A complete trace matrix



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