Industry sectors | Smart and IoT


Smart technology and IoT has been responsible for ‘a new industrial revolution’  – which has created a whole new generation of products for both commercial and consumer use which have included:

  • Connected objects
  • Smart home devices
  • Smart cities and buildings
  • IoT devices

Industrial use has included robotics and automation, machine controls and communications and instrumentation and measurement devices. Other uses have been in energy and resource management, the environment, communications lighting and security systems. Another area which requires significant input from electronics manufacturers and suppliers is the building of the 5G infrastructure.

Consumer usage has seen devices based on home products including smart locks and doorbells become increasingly popular. Other items such as smart kettles, smart lighting and smart plugs are beginning to be seen in more and more homes.

Minute electronic components are easily assembled using SMT capabilities, and our prototyping and NPI capabilities ensures that this is an incredibly exciting field to work in.


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