Test Facilities

Test Facilities

The test department has the facilities and the equipment to carry out full or partial testing on all manufactured products.

Testing is carried out in accordance with customer specifications and requirements.

Our highly trained test and repair staff have extensive experience in designing and building a variety of bespoke test boxes, and will be able to meet your specific requirements in a remarkably short time.

Conventional Assembly at Bela

Simulation Platforms

Bela provides fully embedded functional test facilities to all our customers. We can design and manufacture test jigs and simulation platforms to enable us to test and calibrate assemblies supplying a fully tested and functional PCB or complete assemblies.

In addition to functional test Bela is an approved XJtag enabled partner offering a full boundary scan solution where customer designs and requirements dictate this option.

Testing also enables our customers to receive fully tested assemblies and reduce in house process time and costs. This allows them to respond quicker to customers requirements.

All our assemblies are individually barcoded and traceable down to component level. When we AOI inspect, we store a high-definition image of each passed assembly, meaning we don't have to physically recall a product to review it.

Each REACT+ order is assigned to a qualified member of our team, who takes full responsibility for the job, seeing it through all stages of manufacture from Data review to despatch. Bela EMS, the support your business deserves.

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